Who we are

Movecho is a Portuguese-Swiss company established in Nelas (Portugal) in 1989. We began by specialising in manufacturing and exporting office furniture but gradually have widened the scope of our services. We currently focus on manufacturing bespoke furniture for commercial and service providers’ property, as well as on product design, which already has a notorious and awarded history of collaboration with designers and architects.

What we do

The two main areas of activity of Movecho are the equipment for commercial and service spaces, and the product design. The development of each project demands all our creativity and agility to materialize a unique answer.


We are committed to design high-quality furniture for commercial and service providers’ property in order to suit the needs of each project / customer, combining technical and human skills with quality of production.

Product Design

Our product design reinforces the approach and the vision of our company, adding its expertise to the creativity of renowned designers and architects working side by side.

How we do it

Movecho works with state of the art machinery and an experienced team spread across different fields of action, thus providing an efficient response throughout the entire process. The main materials are: solid wood and chipboard, corian, cork, acrylic (as a supplement to the previous materials) and other ancillary materials as metal, glass, stone, fabric, etc).

Management of Natural Resources

Striving to ensure the constant renovation of natural resources is one of our main priorities. Based on a circular economy, our strategy reconciles industrial activity and environmental balance:

- we have our own wastewater treatment plant;

- all waste resulting from the industrial activity are duly sorted and recycled;

- with a biomass boiler, we ensure energy recovery from chipboard waste and therefore warm the facilities;

- our PV arrays allow us to significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels and the amount of greenhouse gases emissions.