MOVECHO at Biennale Interieur, the Silver Edition

From 14th to 23rd of October, MOVECHO’s design moves to Kortrijk, Belgium, for the event that is the showcase par excellence of the latest trends in interior design.

At this commemorative edition of the Biennale, MOVECHO takes new design pieces with cork once again in the leading role. Developed and produced by MOVECHO, PIPE and MARX FAMILY are the result of an extensive and thorough work of the Research, Development and Innovation department on the potential of cork agglomerate in the manufacture of pieces of furniture. The two pieces have the signature of the architect José Ferreira.



With its robust appearance PIPE surprises, however, for its extreme lightness. The hollow interior of this Movecho design piece was the feature that gave origin to the name of the chair as the meaning of pipe is tube in English [hollow shape].

With a back that stands out for its elegance, the PIPE does not renounce the characteristic resistance of cork


MARX FAMILY is a clear tribute to the Marx Brothers. To each pieces it was given the name of one of the brothers that, between the decades of 1900s and 1950s, stood out in the comedy scene in the USA.

Groucho, Gummo, Zeppo and Harpo are presented as an eclectic family, as they may be banks or coffee tables, and being the smallest piece even provided with a socket.


9 October, 2016