In each project, MOVECHO seeks to go even further and, in partnership with the Customer, to create unique concepts. With a qualified and expert professional team and resorting to the latest technologies during all the stages of the project, it is possible to transform a vision into reality.

Project Management

In close and transparent collaboration with the Customer, MOVECHO ensures permanent monitoring of the project, since the interpretation of the design to on-site installation. Its objective is, therefore, to guarantee the highest quality during all the stages of execution.


Always focusing on the Customer, dedicated technicians interpret the designs and generate constructive solutions to answer a wide range of requests. For this, they resort to the latest technologies, such as the use of SolidWorks e Alphacam software. It is with these tools and with the most advanced production methods and state-of-the-art technologies developed for MOVECHO that it begins to shape projects that are to become high quality spaces.


At MOVECHO, prototyping is encouraged because a prototype simulates the appearance and functionality of the object. This allows the customer to interact, evaluate, change and approve the most striking features of the product prior to beginning final production.


To execute the project, MOVECHO’s Customer can count on an expert team supported by the latest technology. 5 –axis CNC machines with integrated edgebanding groups, edgebanders with laser gluing technology, a 9-axis robot especially developed for MOVECHO, and painting booths prepared for various types of paining, including high gloss. Examples that enable production flexibility, capable of distinguishing MOVECHO both in quality, as well as competitiveness. In the 16.000 m2 where it is installed, it produces both in large scale, as well as develops customized solutions with the most precise and refined details, tailor-made as per the Customer’s vision and always with tight quality control.


To create unique and different solutions, MOVECHO resorts to its international network of suppliers, which responds with the highest standards of quality.

Business partners within various sectors, such as wood, metals, cloth or glass, enable the necessary flexibility and speed in responding to the Customer.

Rollout & Logistics

It is at MOVECHO’s logistics centre that the entire shipping process is coordinated, including a strict analysis of the material to be expedited.

Experienced and qualified teams offer technical assistance for each rollout and assembly. All installation processes are monitored with the same professional approach.


The partnership with MOVECHO does not end with the installation of the project on-site. MOVECHO guarantees permanent support insofar as to maintenance, always and wherever the Customer needs.