Movecho at “Guerilla Dining”

7 July Lisboa - Portugal

Marx Family and Spherical have integrated one of the environments created in an old foundry in Lisbon. The invitation to Movecho came under the theme – “Made in Portugal” – in which national design was highlighted.

The “guerilla dining” events are promoted by Silver.Spoon, a creative agency of gastronomic events that performs pop-up experiences in unconventional places.More than a meal, these events are considered artistic installations subordinated to a theme, and the place where it takes place is only known by the participants on the eve of the event. They have been organized in different cities of Portugal, Denmark and the United States.Alongside with Marx Family and Spherical there were dozens of other pieces and a 100% national menu, in a reinterpretation of Portuguese design and gastronomy. Photo: ©Davide de Almeida + Carla Teixeira More info: Silver.SpoonCarla Teixeira – Diretora Criativa