Project Management

We constantly monitor each project, from the interpretation of the design to the on-site assembly, and therefore guarantee the highest quality in every step of the process.


With state-of-the-art technology, as SolidWorks and Alphacam software, our technicians create solutions tailored to all your requirements.


The prototype simulates the aesthetics and function of the object, so that the Customer can interact, assess, modify and approve the most striking features of the product before the final production starts.


Our company is staffed by an experienced team supported by the most recent technology. CNC machines with 5-axis and edge banding technology, edge banders with laser edging, exclusive 9-axis robot, paint booths for different types of painting, including high-gloss.

Global Network of Suppliers

To create unique and innovative solutions, we rely on an international supplier network that meets the highest quality standards. Considered from different business sectors such as wood, metal, fabric or glass, our partners help us to provide flexible and quick responses to our Customers.

Logistics and Rollout

In our logistics centre, we coordinate all the shipping process, including a thorough analysis of the material to be dispatched. Our skilled and qualified teams provide technical support in each rollout and assembly.

After-sales Service

Our partnership does not end with the on-site assembly. Movecho guarantees constant maintenance support.